The end of our 6-year ride with dZi and onto a new ride with WBR.

The Zwift team that you hopefully know well as Club dZi has an announcement for you.

Six years of mutually successful partnership between dZi Foundation and our IRL/Zwift cycling team will come to a friendly conclusion tonight.

It has been a great run with dZi as our team’s lead sponsor! We cyclists truly thank dZi for their wonderful support. Both organisations know that our work together and donor generosity has positively impacted thousands of people in Nepal. Many team members will stay actively involved with dZi given their great relationships established. We hope that the fast growing Zwift community stays in touch with dZi Foundation too.

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) will take over immediately as lead sponsor of our IRL/Zwift cycling team.

Please understand that this exciting new sponsorship/partnership would not have been possible without the great participation and help that we have seen in our various Group Rides and Races over the last months.

Your presence at our Igniter, Impact, PedalPlay, inGamba, Wahoo, EWR, WGR, dZi160, dZi5km, and other events makes this all possible. We could not be helping these charities without your feet pushing on your pedals in our various events that have now drawn over 25,000 riders overall!

We are very excited to become Club WBR ( with the backing of this great Chicago based, but very global, charity that focuses on the delivery (and maintenance) of bicycles to some of the most impoverished people on earth.

Why focus on the delivery bicycles to the poor? It is about efficiency. The world’s most poor spend roughly 40% of their time walking. If those people had a Buffalo Bicycle, then they could be over 15x more efficient in their movements to school, work, or even to fetch water. The increased safety for young girls who have access to WBR bikes cannot even be reflected in a number. However the importance of a bike to a girl IS explained in this six minute WBR video:

With that increased safety and those transport hours returned to the poor, they, among other things, can spend time with their families, go to school, start a business, or tend to a family garden. This time found is vital to the improvement of communities.

WBR has delivered over 300,000 bikes with support to the world’s most transport needy people. WBR is off to a great start, but magnitudes more is still to be done.

You will hear a lot more from Club WBR about World Bicycle Relief. You will also hear more about our new non-lead cycling team sponsors too.

Headed into World Bicycle Relief’s second annual WBR-24 event on Saturday Dec 3rd, you will hear the buzz level increase about that great fundraising platform and exciting lineup of professional riders who will be involved leading rides as part of WBR-24 on Zwift! A key point is that all funds raised during this event will be MATCHED $ for $ by additional WBR donors. You efforts will go a long way to getting multiple bikes to the needy.

If you or your team are interested in fundraising as part of WBR-24 (aka Ride on ZwiftaThon), then please click here to sign up:

Thanks again to you Zwifters, dZi Foundation, and World Bicycle Relief for you support and believe in The Power of Bicycles & Zwift!