Club WBR Manifesto

November, 2016

  • At all times to act as a team, supporting each other including when racing, riding, and leading events. It is this unified power of the team interaction, networking, and support that will help us all to success with a good life/health balance.
  • Club members follow the ancient way of the Japanese Bushido (akin to European chivalry) by riding/living with key life driving tenants in mind including: Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect for Others, Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty, Self-Control, and Wisdom.
  • To work alone and together to spread the good word about the work of our lead sponsor, World Bicycle Relief, and their fantastic, life changing work in Africa's most remote communities on Zwift and IRL.
  • To specifically commit actions on behalf of WBR to support the charity's investments in Club WBR. Some key examples of how Club WBR members could support WBR would be to hold an individual fundraising event, to play a key role in driving a team based fundraising event, or to donate your time/expertise in other areas to WBR. Two examples of the third path of helping WBR are by organizing/leading WBR branded events on Zwift or using your technical skills to develop content that drives WBR exposure via the Club WBR Website or Zwift platforms. An additional support of WBR would be donating your time to work with WBR at IRL projects, maybe even in Afria.
  • To support our sub-sponsors such as Wahoo and LeCol in our actions and words. Club support of these sub-sponsors is key as they invest in Club WBR with their time, equipment, and funds to help us toward success.
  • To train and race in our chosen Club WBR or sponsor kit and equipment, both on and offline, at all times reasonable. With our WBR and other sponsor names proudly displayed, our supporters will garner important branding for their support.
  • To promote the good culture of Zwift by being good citizens and helping out other non-WBR riders at all reasonable times. Of course this means to help other riders with information, advice, and a needed wheel to draft, when possible. This even means to give the benefit of the doubt (for awhile) and suggestions to miscalibrated riders. It also means to ride cleanly ourselves regardless of how other racers or teams behave.
  • To strive to add new team members that deepen Club WBR's diversity, racing quality, group leader roster, geography, team culture, and positive impact on society.
  • For us all work to improve and grow our team and its culture every day. One way to do so is to make suggestions and changes to this dynamic Club WBR manifesto.