WBR 3.5w/kg Mountain Madness #pst RIDE

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WBR 3.5w/kg Mountain Madness #pst RIDE

w/kg Target

Your Club WBR Ride Leader will target that the effort needed to stay with the group for the event (excluding any Mini-Race efforts) will be as stated in the ride title in watts/kilogram.
w/kg will spike during the HIIT efforts for sprINTERVALS® & THRESHOLD surges. The target w/kg reflects that riders draft with skill and stay mid-pack. If you draft poorly or are near the back, your effort will be higher.
Zwift Leaderboard results may show higher average w/kg than ride target due to voluntary efforts during the final Mini-Race®.
Due to individual route profiles where w/kg provides a less helpful target, such as flat roads, the Ride Leader will target absolute watts totalling the product of the w/kg target x 80kgs. So if a ride has a 2.5 w/kg target, then the Ride Leader and group targets an absolute wattage target of 200W, especially on flatter roads. We hope that this dual power guidance allows both light and heavy riders to stay together on all roads, whether hilly or flat.

WBR Tags

Please tag WBR after your name which helps us raise the profile of World Bicycle Relief and keep track of all riders during the event

Ride Description

WBR’s Mountain Madness has a new format. The riders will be split into 2 groups: Group 1 will be the Tortoises - riders who climb at below 3.0 w/kg.
Group 2 will be the Hares - riders who climb at 3.0 w/kg and above.
Please ensure you go in the correct group for maximum benefit from the ride.
The idea will be to allow the tortoises to ride at pace to the mountain, while the hares follow on behind at below 2 w/kg with the ride leader until they reach the foot of the mountain. This should give the tortoises a 2 to 3 minute start on the mountain, enough to make the hares work hard to catch them before they reach the radio tower. Obviously we can adjust each week if we need to allow more or less time for the catch, or not.

Leader Information

WBR Leader present.
If for some reason the WBR Leader is absent for the start or goes missing during the ride with a technicanical, then we would very much appreciate if a veteran to the ride assumes the leadership position and guides the ride to a successful conclusion as he/she sees fit. Please consider taking a screen shot of the full results and posting on Facebook in the Club WBR group.
Our ride Leaders are all volunteers who provide their time willingly for the benefit of the Zwift community and World Bicycle Relief. On occasions and regardless of the best intentions rides do not go to plan but it is never through want of effort on our part. We are always happy to accept constructive comments via the feedback email below.

Discord Channel Link

Highly encouraged: we can’t talk enough in these events.
All riders are asked to log into the event Discord Server up to 15 minutes before the event start (https://discord.gg/D9sXykP)

Alternatively please use the Group Text function in ZML or Type ‘M’ and message from your keyboard


CAT A or riders looking for effort above the target w/kg for this ride should choose a TT bike. This bike will not receive any draft benefit from other bikes: the ride will therefore be approximately 30% harder to stay with the group.
Your TT bike will, however, provide draft benefits to others and will also have solo break away benefits versus non TT road bikes.

Handicap Information


Rider Behaviour

No riders should ever ride off the front of the group. If you feel that you need extra effort versus the group pace, the please ANNOUNCE your intention to the Leader and Keepers, DROPBACK off the back of the group, CHASE back to the group as long/hard as you like, and REPEAT as you see fit.
Again, please no riders off of the front of the pack as that spoils the pace and our draft effective grouping.

Keeper Information

All riders are welcome to self-tag as WBR Keeper and/or work to help riders rejoin the pack. If capable riders are within 15 seconds of the group, ask for help, and co-operate by drafting a stronger KEEPER wheel, then riders adrift should be able to return MID-PACK and remain there for best drafting benefits.

Results of Mini-Race®


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