Zwift Ride - WBR PedalPlay

WBR PedalPlay

WBR PedalPlay

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16:30 UTC


The objective is a ride where riders can playfully increase their powerrange by group exercises. * *Speed*: A base speed of 2.5-3 w/kg with exercises above that. * *Exercises*: (will be announced by the leader in due time) * *Stampede*: the last rider in the bunch has to increase his speed until he gets to the front and then fall back to base speed. * *Chase*: a strong rider gets a 10-15 sec lead and then the group chases him. * *Handisprint*: the strong riders give the others a head start of about 5-10 sec before a sprint. * *Stag*: sort of a 1 km time-trial where the leader slowly increases speed from base speed of 3 w/kg to 6 w/kg at the end of the 1 km. The objective is to cling on as long as you can.

Please remember to add "WBR" or "WBRKEEPER to your Zwift display name. This tagging helps spread the word on the World Bicycle Relief charity's work and also allows us to better identify group riders.

#zwiftΔriding #WBRPowerOfBicycles