WBR Race Rules

Latest revision: March, 2018

Category-Specific Rules

Category A and B: All riders must wear heart rate monitors, and use non-zpower sources of power data.
Category C: Podium finishers (places 1 through 3) must wear heart rate monitors, and use non-zpower sources of power data.
A rider may become a podium finisher through other riders being upgraded or disqualified.

Category D: Heart rate monitors are not requred, and zpower sources of power data may be used by all entrants.

All Categories

  • Powerups and all types of bikes (including TT bikes) are permitted.
  • Category winners who are not registered with zwiftpower, or have not agreed to zwiftpower's terms and conditions, will be disqualified.
  • Riders whose 95% power places them two or more categories higher than the one entered will be given a "WKG" disqualification.
  • If, in the previous three months, a rider has finished 3 or more races longer than approximately 20 minutes with "95%" power exceeding the minimum power for a particular category, the rider is considered proven capable of racing in that category.
  • Riders who enter a WBR race in a category lower than the highest one in which they have proven themselves capable of racing may be given an "UPG" disqualification.
  • Otherwise, riders whose 95% power places them in the next-highest category from the one entered will be auto-promoted to that category for the current race. Disqualification rules (e.g., HRM and Zpower) for the higher category will be applied to the rider's result.
  • Unsportsmanlike riding (e.g., disrespectful comments, or drafting racers known to be headed for disqualification) may result in disqualification.
  • Racers may, at the sole discretion of the organizers, be disqualified for "unrealistic" riding, as evidenced by out of the ordinary heart rate versus power data, or other issues.


The organizers are happy to hear occasional appeals of disqualification from riders with a history of fair racing.

Riders who experience a permanent loss of power due to a change in source of power data may contact the organizer to prevent the old, inaccurate data being included in rider performance evaluation.

Disqualifcation Codes

WKG: Exceeded category power limits
UPG: Please upgrade; rider has proven ability to race in higher category
ZP: Zpower sources of power data prohibited in this category/finishing position
HR: Heart rate monitor required in this category/finishing position
ZRVG: ZADA disqualification
5W: 5-minute power exceeded 6 w/kg without ZADA approval
REGN: Unregistered rider, would have originally finished in Nth place if not disqualfieid
15S Exceeded 15-second w/kg limit
DQ: Disqualified for other reason (see note, or contact organizers)

Category Power Limits

A: 4.00 w/kg and greater
B: From 3.20 w/kg to 3.99 w/kg
C: From 2.50 w/kg to 3.19 w/kg
D: Less than 2.50 w/kg